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Arun Bansal

The Warren Buffet CEO – Tom Murphy Interview

Tom Murphy
Thomas “Tom” Murphy (Capital Cities/ABC), HBS 1949, joined a small television station in upstate New York after graduating from HBS. Over several decades, and as a result of many brilliantly crafted deals, he gradually built the telecommunications empire Capital Cities. In 1985, Tom engineered the purchase of ABC with the backing of his long-time friend Warren Buffett, and the company became Cap Cities/ABC. Ten years later, Tom sold Cap Cities/ABC to Disney for about $19 billion. He described his experiences in an interview from his Manhattan office at ABC in December 2000.

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  • Great stuff. I have made a post about it on my blog simoleonsense

  • kartik rao

    brilliant stuff. thanks for linking this!

  • thanks for sharing arun. Great wisdom from a wise man. If all CEO’s were like him,we would have a better world to live in.